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Baseball Field Diagrams

Baseball field diagrams in PDF format. They are sized for an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Everything is to scale except that the lines have been thickened for readability. A range of dimensions is allowed for the size of the field, this one is 330 feet at both foul lines and 400 to center field.

These are free, download the pdf files and print as many as you need.

The baseball diagram was suggested by SPC Richard K. Harvey.

Baseball field diagram Infield diagram
Thumbnail image of baseball field Thumbnail image of baseball infield diagram

Customize Your Diagram

Many of these can be customized with your team's name.
These are still free, for now.

sample of customized diagram

Baseball Field Specifications

Official NCAA regulations and diagrams can be found in NCAA Baseball Rules (PDF). Major League Baseball diagrams can be found in Official Rules but the diagrams are unreadable.

Wikipedia also has good entries on baseball.

More Diagrams

We also have


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